OrgChart Platinum – The all-in-one organizational charting and workforce planning solution.

OrgChart Software Example

OrgChart Platinum quickly assembles your organizational charts from your HR system data or company directory. With your data in place OrgChart Platinum helps you with a variety of human resource and business management functions, including: budgeting, workforce management, talent management, and succession planning. OrgChart creates charts in a variety of formats that  are easily shared throughout the company or specific working groups. OrgChart Platinum is the best tool to visualize, communicate and manage the key working relationships of your company’s most precious resource – your employees.

  • Beautiful, professional, highly customizable organization charts
  • Easy creation and updating of your org chart from your HR data
  • Workforce planning include analytics and modeling for any organization change initiative
  • Easily share org charts online, by interactive PDF or Microsoft Office
  • Best technical and consulting support

Perfect for any type of organization

Organization chart showing an employee with a formal manager and a dotted line manager

OrgChart Platinum supports hierarchical org structures and special roles such as administrative assistants. Show placeholder roles for positions that are “to be hired”. You can also organize your people into departments and office locations.

Cross-functional org chart

Organize teams by products, projects or customer segments. Use custom fields to add additional data to your org chart, such as goals, skills or performance. OrgChart Platinum supports matrix org charts and dotted-line reporting.

Plan for the future

OrgChart Platinum is a dynamic workforce planning tool for modeling the impact of change on the organization whether from growth, a series of mergers and acquisitions, or just having grown organically. Create multiple organizational reorganization or merger scenarios and OrgChart helps you visualize and compare the effects these changes will have on salaries, span-of–control, budgets and other key metrics you’re tracking. In addition you can do talent management, model open positions and see how they effect the organization with the goal of providing management and stakeholders with better insight into the organization.

OrgChart Platinum Features:

  • Easily create professional charts for meetings & presentations
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Import from SAP, Oracle, or SQL database, SharePoint and Active Directory
  • Import and refresh from any spreadsheet
  • Export chart data to Excel
  • Automatically add, remove or reassign employees
  • Visualize employee Key Performance Indicators
  • Model and compare organizational change scenarios
  • Heat mapping markers & auto conditional formatting
  • Audit trail of all personnel changes
  • Automatically generated change approval forms
  • Side-by-side scenario planning and comparison wizard
  • Planning and staging area for evaluating employee assignments
  • Employee placement — Open position Management
  • Pro templates and sample charts
  • Auto formatting based on screen or print size
  • Smart field formatting
  • Create dotted-line
  • Create matrix style team charts
  • Multi-screen viewing capability
  • Print preview capabilities
  • Publish charts to: Word, PowerPoint and WebPublish to SharePoint, Office 365 OneDrive, Igloo and Dropbox
  • Sort chart boxes by any data fields
  • Publish chart to PDF
  • Customize PDF: edit, annotate, secure, sign for professional look
  • Facial Recognition Search
  • Data import for data ltering and sorting
  • Dynamic report wizard for in depth reporting
  • Scheduled data sync for up-to-date charts
  • Data cleansing and repair diagnostics