New in OrgChart Platinum 12

In this release of OrgChart Platinum we zeroed in on features that advance ease-of-use, automation and analytic functionality.

Intelligent Templates 

Advances in template functionality equip you with tools that provide a standard look and feel that give a common branding of organisation charts across all organisations in your company. Most notably, templates can be customised with formulas, color-coding, and distinguished formats that help with the best visualisation and management of your workforce.

For example, if your company wanted the organisation chart to show a 9-Box graphic for performance or bench strength you will easily generate a reusable template to give the desired result, as pictured below:

OrgChart Platinum Reusable Template

Result after template applied to personnel data

OrgChart Scheduler 

The OrgChart Scheduler ensures your charts are always up-to-date, automatically. With the enhanced scheduler you create your chart one time. Thereafter charts are always kept current with your HRIS, payroll or people data, based on any schedule frequency of your choosing.

Extended Box Formatting

OrgChart Platinum could always display analytic information. But now there are table format tools to help design the most useful expressions of talent and performance.


OrgChart Quick Search 

Go beyond just searching for a name with your org chart. With OrgChart Platinum you can quickly zero in on the desired individuals or branch of the organisation.

Find by individual or attribute Find by organisation branch

Quick Format

Smart Tools give quick insights for more informed decision-making.  Whether you’re using 9-box graphics or context sensitive symbols for talent management, OrgChart has advanced tools that make your job easy.

HR Strategy and Scenario Planning 

OrgChart Platinumintroduces improved speed and richnessof the modellingand planningtools. Using OrgChart’s “What-if” scenario planning a company will see how proposed changes will impact the organisation. Whether the changes are a re-org, an expansion, a consolidation or a merger you can use OrgChart’s tracking as a proof for talent and financial decision making.


A side-by-side comparison of current and future state talent plans

Network Installation 

OrgChart Platinum supports Windows and Citrix server installations. With just a single IT install, the OrgChart network version allows any number of user’s immediate access to creating or obtaining organisation charts.

OrgChart Platinum Read Only Licenses

OrgChart also provides a “read-only” version that provides users an ability to see – but not change – and print any organisation charts for which they have permission to access.

What’s New in OrgChart Platinum 11

OrgChart Platinum 11 continues what version 10 started adding new workforce planning features that streamline the user’s workflow, making it much easier to create organizational charts.

Workforce Planning

Multi-Record Grouping Boxes

Perhaps the most powerful feature in this release is the ability to group records with new formatting controls. Previously Vertical groups gave users the ability to have a single column grouping, and now the new Multi-Record box extends this grouping capability with multi-column formatting, shading, and data grouping. Personnel can be grouped by any criteria such as a team, project, job title or payroll group.

Before applying Multi-Record Team box.

After applying Multi-Record Team box.

Note that this new box can be created manually or by automated grouping during import. Either way it adds fresh grouping functionality and alternative to the normal hierarchy.


Users can now filter out boxes that meet particular criteria. By creating a rule, the planning function enables a filter of desired boxes. This can be helpful in times when you would like to create a chart only containing filled positions, for example.

The original chart with both filled and open positions.

Filtered for Open position only.

Filtered for all filled positions (Open positions excluded).


Free Move Box Placement

OrgChart Platinum always had preset box arrangement styles that positioned boxes programmatically. Now there is a free movement option allowing the user to override the preset arrangements and drag and drop the box where you want it placed.




Real-Time Conditional Formatting

Previously the different Conditional Formats were only applied through a series of dialogs. Now the Conditional formats have been made accessible through a dockable pane. The user can create, edit and apply conditional formats quickly and easily using this new configuration. This allows the user to conveniently toggle between different formats or perspectives during the workforce planning process.


One View: Name and title

Second View: Name, title and performance

Data and Divisions views moved to dockable panes

Previously the Data and Divisions were revealed in a fixed pane beneath the chart. For consistency and ease of use the data and divisions panes have been relocated to make the program easier to use. When navigating a larger chart the Division view is very powerful.

Data View

Division View

Upgraded Dynamic Reports

Dynamic reports have been upgraded to give users more reporting options and greater control over calculations and the presentation.

Real-Time Box Templates

Users typically like to make their own custom box styles. These are now available in a dockable pane. Some templates are delivered with the program, and others can be created and added by the user.