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Recent Posts on Getting the Most from OrgChart

Creating a Matrix Organization Chart

May 5th, 2021|

Creating a Matrix Organisation Chart with OrgChart “How can I chart our matrix organization?” is a question we are asked frequently. Matrix organigrams differ from traditional org charts and require a unique solution. Conventional Organisational Structures Below is a [...]

Powerful Data Aggregation with OrgChart

April 21st, 2021|

While some HR analysts may be lucky enough to have all their company’s data housed in one Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), the reality is many must work with multiple systems to create reports. The challenge is to aggregate data [...]

Analyze and Visualize Pay Equity

April 7th, 2021|

Pay EquityWhile the world sees incremental shifts toward more fair and welcoming workplaces, shortcomings in gender pay equity pervade in the global workforce. The global pay equity gap is closing so slowly that The United Nations estimates it will take [...]

Why Choose OrgChart Software?

OrgChart: Organisational Charting Software for Employee Data Visualisation and Workforce Planning

Automate org charts with our award winning software, and supported by a team of organisational management experts. Available in the cloud with OrgChart Now, and on the desktop withOrgChart Platinum, OrgChart is designed to free HR professionals from the costly task of creating and maintaining charts manually.

From the smallest nonprofit to multi-nationals numbering 750,000, our clients are served in over 40 countries worldwide. Now more than just a visualisation tool of a company’s hierarchy, our org charts are used to make better business decisions for tasks such as reorgs, hiring strategy, salary analysis and talent management. Our clients span the full range of industries: government, manufacturing, technology, entertainment, nonprofit. Whether you’re a CEO, CFO, COO, CPO, the VP or Director of Human Resources, HR Manager, a Business Analyst, or HR Analyst, OrgChart is the solution for organisational and workforce planning.

OrgChart connects with all the most popular HR data systems, allowing real-time updating of org charts. A variety of customisable templates are available to make org chart creation fast and attractive. Presentations created with our organisational charting software pull in key HR data, turning organisational charts into goldmines of visual information. They allow viewing and monitoring of human capital metrics from span of control to performance scores to tenure.

With decades of experience, the OfficeWork Software team is focssed completely on developing the best organisational management software on the market. In consultation with our partners and corporate users we are constantly releasing market leading features and updates to our solution. Recent improvements include a collaboration module to facilitate group and remote workforce planning. Take advantage of our free trial or demo today.