OrgChart Now March 2022 Release

Today, we are announcing a new release of OrgChart Now which makes several enhancements to the workforce planning experience. From making your chart presentations pop, to the convenience of accessing charts on the fly, we’re looking forward to supercharging your org chart experience.


  •  New in-app system for user notifications
  •  Enhanced navigation options
  •  Streamlined experience for displaying company metrics
  •  Chart on the go

In-app Notifications

We’re excited to improve communication with our clients with direct, in-app messaging. Whether it’s a new product feature, maintenance notification, or event, you’ll get a convenient notification.

In-app communications come direct from our staff to you

Keep track of the reporting structure with our breadcrumbs menu updates

Enhanced Navigation Options

In large organizations, it’s sometimes hard to follow the chain of command. We’ve added a “breadcrumbs” feature to keep track of the reporting structure while navigating in Viewer and Workbench. The breadcrumbs list is also clickable, allowing you to navigate up and down the reporting line with ease.

Interactive Highlighting

When analyzing your company structure, you might have a need to highlight particular employees or a class of employees. With Interactive Highlighting, you can build highlights as you go, without having to re-configure your views. Use multiple fields and combine with saved highlights as needed, for a quick and easy way to distinguish key employees and gain organizational insight.

Highlight classes of employees using interactive highlighting

Configure the start-up view of your employee directory

Directory Enhancements

In this release, we’ve given end-users the power to choose their preferred data visualization method right when they launch the app. Rather than seeing a chart, users can launch a directory of their staff data ready to be sorted through or selected. The same functionality you know and love, with a streamlined workflow guaranteed to improve your OrgChart experience.

Analytics Tables

Calculating and displaying workforce metrics has never been easier. Save time by aggregating various fields from your chart data in a simple, intuitive user interface. Display results in an auto-formatted table for stakeholders to easily consume. See calculations update while navigating through pages of the org chart, or keep them static to represent the entire organization

Get a table view of your chart data set with the Aggregated Field Editor

Update an entire field using merge field feature

Merge File Upgrades

Your source system doesn’t always have the data you need and OrgChart’s Merge Data capabilities help combine sources so you can see all the key employee information in one system. With this release, we’ve expanded the flexibility and power of our Merge system, so that users can mass update employee records using fewer rows of data. Are your Sales KPIs location-based rather than individual? No problem. Easily update records using the location field to expedite the process and simplify your data source.

Mobile Supported

Stay informed wherever your chart takes you. Our new mobile interface allows you to visualize your organization or search for employees on the go. Leverage core features and create and update chart plans from the comfort of an airport terminal – no desktop required.

OrgChart’s mobile friendly interface

We’re Listening…

As always, we value customer feedback, so let us know how these new enhancements are working for your organization and any other updates you’d like to see in the future.

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