Free eBook: Top 10 Ways to Supercharge Your Org Charts

Top 10 Ways to Super Charge Your Org Charts eBookSince the first charts were conceived for the Erie Railroad Company in the 1800s, HR departments have been using org charts to make sense of employee structure.
For many, they have remained a very basic, static document connecting employees according to a hierarchy and identifying them by name and title.

Many forward-thinking companies, however, have discovered org charts, when backed up by sophisticated software applications, can be a powerful tool for challenging HR tasks. By combining live, pre-existing data in HRIS systems, management is able to make decisions on a range of crucial business decisions. Download this free eBook and see the ways companies such as Nike, Mercedes-Benz and Mobile Iron have leveraged org charts to be much more than a simple visualization of organizational structure but a tool that leads to industry leading results in personnel management.


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