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Time is valuable. But many companies still use simple drawing software to represent their organisations, requiring both data entry and formatting every time a change occurs. Whether charting 50 or 5,000+ employees, OrgChart enables the fast creation of organisational charts. Maintaining up-to-date charts as the workforce changes over time becomes simple. 

OrgChart’s robust features allow the automation of chart creation and maintenance. Hours formerly spent updating charts manually can now be invested in analyzing the workforce and communicating those insights throughout the organisation. OrgChart pulls in multiple data points from HR systems to be customised and updated using data driven rules.

Key features include:

HR Data Import

Easily create org charts from Excel, SQL or HRIS solutions such as SAP. Cloud-based OrgChart Now integrates with over 50 widely used HRIS/ATS solutions.

Automatic Formatting

Data driven formatting, and customised templates produce professional quality results, and reduce production time dramatically.

Automated Updates

A single click makes it simple to add, and remove employees from charts. Charts are automatically updated from the data source preserving the formatting.

Workforce Analytics

Add key HR metrics to charts including head count, performance ratings and salary. These visualisations allow management to make better business decisions.


Model your org structure to test multiple scenarios with real-time data.


.OrgCharts can be housed on company intranet or digital workplace solution to provide up-to-date information for employees.

What Our Client’s Say: 

“I like the ability to import via API with our HRIS. This is a huge time saver and gives me peace that the data is right.” – Robert H (G2 Reviews)

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