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Organisation charts are one tool that aid HR professionals in recruiting, retaining, and developing talented workforces. HR departments invest a lot of time and money collecting and managing talent data. Leverage that data to power business decisions. OrgChart solutions provide a simple, efficient way to answer specific questions.

Use OrgChart to create clear, concise talent visualisations. At a glance, see the recruiting status for selected open positions, map competencies to high potential employees, view sourcing strategies, potential ratings – your access to virtually any data point in any combination enables you to effectively address succession planning, retention, leadership development, etc.

OrgChart solutions allow HR Professionals to create and customise org charts in seconds – add or remove data points, update formats and then securely share via the web or PDF

Key features include:

Full Presentation Control

Create charts with precise metrics and data points to communicate with clarity, whether showing diversity, retirement planning or an “at a glance” grid of employee performance.

Conditional Formatting

Highlights user-defined criteria, letting you instantly visualise the impact of changes modeled such as high performers or flight risks.

Sophisticated Publishing

Share charts on the web; print or output to formats including PDF, PowerPoint, Dropbox, SharePoint and OneDrive.

Secure Planning And Sharing

You can securely create plans and communicate them to appropriate audiences at the right time.

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