Organization Modeling and Change Management Case Study

Cover of Organization Modeling and Change Management Case StudyLocal, state and federal governments are under pressure to do more with less.  Faced with budget constraints solutions can take many forms: cut services, increase taxes, eliminate employees, streamline existing processes.  The problem of needing to do more with less funding is ubiquitous. 

The Australian government for example faced problems of increased overhead and delays providing citizens with licenses and documents (i.e. drivers licenses, automobile registrations, marine insurance verifications).  Wait times for these official documents were increasing and required more labor to deliver them.  A solution was identified that combined technology, process improvement and reorganization.  Over an 18-month time frame a significant reorganization was completed with the help of new technology which helped flattened the departments, radically decrease wait times and reduce costs. This case study describes how the reorganization was managed and the workforce design tools that helped accelerate a new organization.


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