OrgChart Platinum 12 Makes Planning Your Company’s Future Easier

Novato CA, September 5, 2019, OfficeWork Software, the maker of the leading tools for workforce planning and management has released OrgChart Platinum 12. Organisation charts are increasingly used by companies to plot the future course of their organisations. OfficeWork Software has responded by improving the scenario planning functionality of the 12th version of its premium desktop org chart software, OrgChart Platinum. It has also made several important improvements to its charting, formatting, search and scheduling capabilities.

Some highlights of the new version include:

HR Strategy and Scenario Planning

OrgChart Platinum introduces improved speed and richness of the modeling and planning tools. Using OrgChart’s “what-if” scenario planning, proposed changes can be displayed and the impact on the organisation highlighted. Whether the changes are a re-org, an expansion, a consolidation or a merger OrgChart can be used as proof for talent and financial decision making.


A side-by-side comparison of current and future state talent plans

Intelligent Templates 

Advances in template functionality provide a standard look and feel to give a common branding to charts across all departments of an organisation. They can be customised with formulas, color-coding, and other distinguishing formats that help with the best visualisation and management of the workforce.

OrgChart Platinum Reusable Template

Result after template applied to personnel data

OrgChart Scheduler

An enhanced scheduler avoids the necessity of recreating charts every time there’s a change in the organisation. Charts are kept current with the organisations HRIS, payroll or people data, based on any desired frequency.

OrgChart Quick Search and Builder

OrgChart’s new quick search feature goes beyond just searching for a name in the org chart. Quickly zero in on the desired individuals or branch of the organisation using various attributes. The tool lets you quickly create an organisational chart based on criteria like an organisational branch, a group or the whole organisation.

Find by individual or attribute

Find by organisation branch

“In today’s business environment, the demands on HR teams are not only to make the right decisions but to make them fast. The focus in this new release is to facilitate that process of change by making critical functions, like scenario planning, more efficient and responsive,” explained Joe Kolinger, Co-Founder of Office Work Software.

OrgChart Platinum 12 is available now. Schedule a demo today!.

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