OfficeWork Software Ltd. Opens New Office In Germany

OfficeWork Software LLC., the leading organizational modeling and visualization provider announced further European expansion with a new office in Münster, Germany. The Münster area is a growing economic sector of Germany filled with government organizations, consulting and insurance companies, banks, computer centers, publishing houses and advertising and design agencies.

By providing local support OfficeWork Software will better serve its German clientele by offering regional business knowledge. Not only does the company provide an automated solution to generating and maintaining org charts but also consults on using real-time workplace visualization software to streamline an array of human resource functions.

“Germany is obviously a huge and vibrant market for human resource solutions with many complex organizations handling large amounts of data,”  said Managing Director Cecilia Lowman of the new German operation, “Having a local office in Germany allows us to communicate more efficiently and directly with our clients there.”

Used by many of the world’s organizations large and small, OfficeWork Software’s OrgChart solutions — OrgChart Platinum, and OrgChart Now—support companies by enabling them to reorganize faster, manage financial targets, stay in compliance, and transform their workforces to their optimal states.

OfficeWork Software Deutschland is headquartered at In der Weede 114, 48163 Münster, Germany.
For more information, call +49 0 253 6348 9756, email or visit

Celia Lowman
OfficeWork Software Deutschland
In der Weede 114
48163 Münster

+49 0 253 6348 9756

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