This is OrgChart Now 5.2

A central feature of the OrgChart Now org charting solution is the Viewer. A simple, purpose built read-only interface. It was designed to focus on exactly the things we knew users almost always need to do; check detailed information in the employee profile, navigate, and export important data out of the system fast.

The reception from our clients was outstanding and we knew right away we had built a valuable feature. We continued to iterate and refine other UI components – like our settings menus and the Workbench – as we got feedback on them, but the core of the Viewer stood the test of time.

Now in 2021 our users expect the rest of the OrgChart Now interface to keep up with the more modern look and feel of the Viewer. In the new update coming in September, we deliver.

This is OrgChart Now 5.2.x

One Interface

5.2 ditches the concept of Workbench and Viewer being discrete, standalone modes. They share a clean, unified presentation, with most of the controls being in the same place between the two environments. Similarly, the administrative settings menus are the same between the two. This makes it easier for our customers, our services personnel, and our devs who won’t need to add features in two independent menus.

Simpler Workflow

We love the mantra of “View, Build, Edit” and this release leans into it more heavily. In the Viewer there’s a more direct link to the Builder, with a button at the top level to bring up the chart builder. If other, general-purpose charting is needed the Workbench Launch Pad provides all the handy tools to continue working on previous charts or start new ones.

The Tools You Need

Replacing a sometimes overwhelming amount of tools and controls in the Workbench, we’ve separated them out into chart and master page settings panels on the right hand side. Select the tools to view as needed and hit the X to remove from view.

We couldn’t be more excited to present this new version to our new and existing customers over the next month.

This Is OrgChart Now 5.2

by Chris Bacchi, Director of Engineering

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