OrgChart for Visio™ Now Fully Compatible with Visio 2016 Professional

July 13, 2016 Novato CA. – OfficeWork Software, a leader in workforce planning and organisational charting applications, announced today that OrgChart for Visio add-in is now 100% compatible with Microsoft Visio 2016 Professional.

OrgChart for Visio is the add-in that creates agile, always up-to-date organisation charts.  OrgChart for Visio turns Visio into a powerful workforce planning and organisational charting solution allowing you to do workforce modeling within Microsoft Visio.

OrgChart for Visio™ Now Fully Compatible with Visio 2016“Our clients’ organisations are going through a lot of change.  Whether it’s a merger, an acquisition, an optimisation, gearing for growth or a flattening of the organisation there is a critical demand for workforce structure information, presented accurately and in a way that everyone can wrap their brains around.  ” said Joe Kolinger, Founder and CTO of OfficeWork Software. “Unfortunately Visio never did have the ability to provide automatic updates from a data source. Rather, when the import data source changed Visio required re-creating the entire org chart from scratch. However now, OrgChart for Visio makes it fast and easy for Enterprises to accurately model the company-wide workforce data and keep their charts current. OrgChart for Visio integrates directly into Visio and the Microsoft ecosphere, making the process so much easier.  ”

Perform Critical Workforce Modeling:

With OrgChart for Visio you will easily connect to any data source or HRIS to develop “What if” scenarios that illustrate proposed changes to the workforce from growth to costs, structure, reporting flight risks; assess key team members, performance ranking, tenure, promotion ranking and much more.

Some of the applications of OrgChart for Visio include:

  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Mapping & Analysis
  • Expertise Identification
  • Merger and Acquisition Planning
  • Determine budget and FTE impacts of planned changes

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