OrgChart Now’s Collaborative Planning Module

For successful workforce planning, multiple stakeholders must collaborate to ensure the optimal outcome for an organisation. Modern org charts can provide a clear visual representation of a company’s present state as well as a planned future state. Crucial to this process of comparing the before and after is being able to visualise what changed. OrgChart Now accomplishes this by using graphic symbols to mark what adjustments have been made.

OrgChart Now’s collaboration planning module also includes a detailed activity log on who made changes and when. In an era when physically getting all stakeholders in the same room is a challenge, managing collaboration tasks without confusion is all the more important. The dashboard displays detailed data on target metrics and goals. Changes can be made on the fly to meet these targets, be they skill level, headcount or salary.

Forward thinking businesses everywhere are now using the traditional org chart for these more sophisticated planning tasks. Collaborative planning tasks such as starting a new product line, adjusting the workforce or managing human capital costs are being managed faster and more efficiently using OrgChart Now org chart software.

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Collaborative planning