New Org Chart for a New Year

Don’t waste another hour or day in the new year manually updating an org chart in Visio, PowerPoint, or other charting tool. Stop staring at the spreadsheet or tables in your HRIS system trying to visualise your organisation and use software specifically designed for the task. Only to redo the manual process all over again in a month, quarter or year’s time. As you ring in the new year, why not resolve to greet it with the sort of workplace visualisation only OrgChart can bring you?

In 2022, adopt OrgChart to leverage our ability to flush out an organisational chart using your existing data from one or more HRIS, HCM, ATS or payroll systems. Turn your existing data into visual information with a customised org chart synched to your live data. visualise by organisation, division, location, department, or manager. Have multiple views, each with just the data needed, for each audience or purpose. Share as needed with the granular security needed to make sure only those who should have access, do have access.

More and more of our clients have discovered OrgChart’s utility beyond presenting a snapshot OrgChart of their organisation as it exists today. Automated org charts can empower decision makers to plan for growth using hypothetical views. To succeed, organisations need to rapidly identify trends in key workforce metrics. OrgChart helps companies with workforce planning initiatives including the creation of project teams, reorganisations, reductions in force, mergers & acquisitions and even break ups and spin-offs.

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Planning and organising the deployment of employees and the structure of the workforce is a major responsibility of any human resources department. The beginning of the year is often the time this type of planning takes place. OfficeWork Software recently developed a collaborative planning module to assist with the task. The collaboration module in OrgChart Now makes it easy for the HR brains trust to test different scenarios and see their impacts. A company may have several different plans they are working on simultaneously for various business units of the organisation. OrgChart Now helps manage and organise your projects by having solutions to lock plans (that are complete), archive plans no longer in use and share plans with role based privileges.

Reorganizing the workforce using the OrgChart Now collaboration module

Whether it’s the reorganisation of a department or opening a new plant, OrgChart gives increased depth of knowledge of any company. The power to see trends, identify talent gaps and flag potential weak spots allows for the creation of dynamic plans for the future.

If you’re not already using OrgChart for workplace visualisation and workforce planning, start with a free trial or demo. If you’re already using OrgChart, help fine-tune your use of the product by soliciting our highly trained and readily available support staff who are always happy to assist you.