In any organisational restructuring or acquisition, stakeholders must work together to make tough decisions and find optimal solutions. Business priorities must be aligned, and answers to questions must be found quickly for successful transitions.

Org Chart software can help accelerate re-orgs and mergers by providing an easy way to visualise workforce structure and communicate proposed models during this critical time period. Planning is key and our automated charts can provide an important piece of the framework to help better envisage the future.

Follow our simple three step process for re-orgs and mergers:

Step 1: Consolidate the Data

To properly analyze the future workforce, data from both company sources need to be combined. OrgChart enables import from most HRIS data sources so both corporations’ organisational structures can be reviewed and compared.

Step 2: Decide Which Data Points Matter

In most M&A scenarios talent gaps and talent overlap will need to be identified in order to make efficient restructuring decisions. Factors such as salary, performance and years of experience are examples of potentially important variables to decide how to best rearrange talent. OrgChart enables clear visualisations of the data in a chart format to speed up the decision making process.

Step 3: Model Hypothetical Scenarios

Create and test new organisational structures once the important key variables have been decided on. OrgChart allows you to move personnel into different groups and calculate the effects of these changes in real-time.

A clear visualisation of both organisational structures involved combined with a powerful tool to manipulate employee data will increase both the speed of integration and chance of M&A success.

Click for a brief case study showing how OrgChart software helped a major merger go more smoothly.

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Key features include:

Consolidate Data

Analyze both workforces by importing from multiple HRIS data sources so both corporations’ organisational structures can be reviewed and compared.

Secure Planning & Sharing

Securely create plans and communicate them to the appropriate audiences at the right time.

Drag & Drop Tools

Graphically restructure org charts with ease in real-time with key stakeholders for dynamic presentations of the data.

Workforce Analytics

Add a dynamic range of HR metrics to charts, including competencies, span of control, diversity markers and budget rollups.

Multiple Scenarios

Model hypothetical scenarios of important key variables then refine and compare them to explore “what if?” possibilities.

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