OfficeWork Software Announces Integration of OrgChart Now with UKG Ready

OrgChart Now Works with UKG Ready

OfficeWork Software is a proud partner of the global HR solutions company, UKG. UKG specializes in software for human capital management (HCM), workforce management and payroll. We are pleased to announce the integration of our OrgChart Now product with UKG Ready. UKG Ready delivers a modern, personalized experience that leverages the power of HR, talent, payroll, and time in a single solution. The UKG Ready product is targeted to SMB businesses (under 250 users) increasing efficiency and simplifying compliance. OrgChart is perfectly aligned with UKG’s customer focus where it was important for our clients to be able to access data seamlessly from UKG Ready to create professional org charts for employee orientation and workforce planning.

OrgChart Now Works with UKG Ready

With OrgChart Now’s intuitive interface, building org charts is easy, especially when connected to data already maintained in modern HCM systems such as UKG Ready. Data is imported directly from UKG Ready using a built in cloud connector. One click automatically refreshes the charts in real-time and data driven rules do the work. Our mutual clients save hours by not using drawing tools and dealing with the constant updating required when working with an unintegrated, manual solution. Visualizing data in the form of an org chart can provide revealing insights on employee performance, payroll and even flight risk. OrgChart Now already works with UKG’s solution for larger enterprises, UKG Pro.

Once created OrgChart Now’s easily formatted charts can be published to the web, company intranet, PDF or PowerPoint for sharing with stakeholders. For more on how to create charts from UKG Pro data contact one of our experts today for a free consultation or get started with a free trial.

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